Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Traveling to Louisiana

Have you heard how high the Mississippi river is? Well, it reached about 57 feet yesterday! Wow!

Well, I was driving in Ferriday, Louisiana on the levee road and I saw a huge, dead alligator!

I think it was about 12 feet long, and I had to snap a shot of it. I was driving on the road looking for a glimpse of an alligator, because I had never seen one.

I was soo glad to finally have the chance to see one, and when I saw it buzzards were picking at it. Eww...

We weren't supposed to be on the road because of how high the river has gotten, and we got pulled over by the police.

We talked our way out of a ticket! HAHA!

Thanks for joining me on my visit to Louisiana!

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xoxoTori said...

I really love this blog. I was actually thinking myself of starting up a travel blog before you did this. This is really neat! I'll be checking in on this blog regularly. Poor alligator! I wonder how it died?

P.S Keep a look out for a second blog of mine. I'm still trying to find a topic (: